After studying the Pina Bausch’s collection, it inspired me so much, and reminded me of the fact that body is such an important mode to express and deliver messages. All the performances are extremely honest, no pretense, because there cannot be, otherwise who will believe this is the true feeling. The whole body, from forehead to chin, from head to toe, is the media to release, to let out the emotion. One can see how the muscle has been held and relaxed, scrunched and stretched up to every knuckle.

It suddenly occurred to me shouldn’t the portrait be the same? Besides the color and the stroke, the basic model also plays a vital role to explain the story. Among some of Rodin’s sculpture work, he always encouraged the model to pose in a very difficult and twisted position in order to deliver the strength and shake the audience’s soul by describing how strong such emotion is, eg. joy, sadness, thrill and so on. A sketch or a painting is purely 2D, unlike body art in 4D, delivering an idea of space and time shifting. However, i do believe there’s a way to deliver something unique from 2D paper……. This is really worth of some thoughts and endeavours on exploration.

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