Hannibal Lector Remaster

An experiment of alla prima on an old work. Wish to capture and reveal the subtle humanity and softness in such a iconic and intoxicating character. Oil on canvas, 400 mm x 600 mm

Her Confident Smirk

She smirked in front of me, with strong confidence, confidence that came from naturally born fiery hair and steady and cool mind, as cool as the crystal blue ear ring, saying “I’ve got this!” Oil on canvas, 300 mm x 400 mm


The color white usually represents purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. Atlas was born with a perfect balance of white, ready to imprint his life and Grace’s life with all the colors of the spectrum from their life experiences together. Instead of portraying Atlas in its original colour, I would like him to be splashed with…

Mr. Hat

Oil on canvas, 380 mm x 460 mm