Take Me As Who I Am

Oil on canvas, 500 mm x 400 mm Limited palette often helps me to focus on the vision I wish to create instead of what I see. There is a similar sensation to the charcoal work…It is very intriguing and definitely has more potentials for development.

Take Me As Who I Am

Oil on canvas, 400 mm x 500 mm One of the most challenging parts I found in portrait is to capture the right anatomy in the shadow while not letting it take over the vocal point, keeping the portrait poetic yet precise to an certain extent. I have more to learn, explore and experiment for…


Oil on canvas, 355 mm x 460 mm Another trial to mimmick Rembrant. The journey will continue to be long and hard. I thought I had a better idea of the process after several studies on techniques, but when it came to implementation, it was very much opposite to my second nature. I constantly reminded…

Face Down With The Loving

Charcoal on paper, 400 mm x 300 mm. I am always inspired by Yanis Marshall’s choreography. Here is the first trial to capture my impression of his work.